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    Lokeswarananda Maharaj

    Lokeswarananda Eye Foundation is named after Swami Lokeswarananda Maharaj, the highly revered monk of the Ramakrishna Order. His life was a living example of the ideology. Swami Vivekananda preached- “Service to man is service to God”.

    Guided by this philosophy, Lokeswarananda Eye Foundation began its humble journey in 2008 as a 6-bedded Eye unit and gradually grew to be a 100- bedded Tertiary care Eye Hospital as it is to-day. Our sincere effort is to make Lokeswarananda Eye Foundation an instrument of the Divine will. It is in that spirit that we meet our day to day success as well as our hard-ships and limitations.


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    Patient Count upto May 2018

    Total Patients Examined: 11,17,496 
    Total Surgery: 71,405
    Vitreo Retina Clinic
    In colaboration with B.B.Eye Foundation, Kolkata
    Dr. Bijoy Kr. Chakraborty 
    (Vitreo Retina Fellow, Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai)
    Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday

    Dr. S. S. Pal 

    (Former Director & Vitreo Retina Surgeon, 

    Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai and Kolkata) 

    (June – 30-06-2018)

    July – 01-07-2018, 28-07-2018 & 29-07-18)

    Saturday & Sunday

    Dr. Vaibhav Shrivastava 
    (Practicing Vitreo Retina Surgeon, 
    B.B. Eye Foundation, Kolkata) 
    (14-07-18 & 15-07-18)
    Saturday & Sunday


    About Us

    NANRITAM , a not for profit welfare organization, upon undertaking the integrated rural development project in the extreme remote, underdeveloped and tribal villages of Purulia , West Bengal, realized that eye problems especially cataract induced blindness is a major health issue among the concerned population. Lack of awareness (that the eye problem is treatable) coupled with absence of proper medical services was pushing significant proportion of the concerned population into the realm of darkness. Handicapped by loss of sight, the affected people ceased to remain a productive member of the society and hence became a burden for their families and society at large.

    NANRITAM, in an effort to provide timely medical intervention and prevent needless blindness launched an eye-care programme in 2006 from a mud hut based in Para block of Purulia. The programme started off as monthly clinics by the ophthalmologists travelling from Kolkata. The cataract cases detected at the clinics were taken to Kolkata where operations were performed at surgeon's city based eye-care centre and patients were then brought back to their base villages. Increase in quantum of cataract cases detected demanded that facilities be set-up in Para itself to perform the surgeries. The first step towards this horizon was setting up of a 6 bedded eye-care hospital at Para in 2008. Today, the humble 6 bedded eye-care initiative has taken the shape of a 100 bedded Tertiary level, Referral eye-care Super-Specialty Hospital -- Lokeswarananda Eye Foundation.

    Lokeswarananda Eye Foundation now has the necessary technical and infrastructural competence to provide advanced high quality and quantity eye-care services. At base hospital, Lokeswarananda Eye Foundation currently runs cataract clinics, glaucoma clinics, squint clinics and retina clinics. The outreach activities of Lokeswarananda Eye Foundation cover LWE blocks of Purulia, Bankura and Paschim Medinipur , non LWE blocks of same districts in West Bengal and some areas of Jharkhand . In the past financial year, Lokeswarananda Eye Foundation has touched and changed the lives of over 1,18,000 patients and has conducted a total of 1082 out-reach camps.


    At Lokeswarananda Eye Foundation, we believe that each individual has the right to live with dignity and independence. Absence of vision makes a person dependent on others and a liability to their families. The most vulnerable population are those residing in remote, interior, underdeveloped villages. Our mission is to reach out to as many such patients and help to restore their vision,thereby, gifting the patients a second, colourful life.


    According to Central Council of Health, "One of the basic human rights is the right to see and thus it must be ensured that no citizen goes blind needlessly." Taking inspiration from this fact ,Lokeswarananda Eye Foundation operates on the simple vision – eliminate avoidable blindness by providing appropriate and timely medical intervention of high quality to the underprivileged population with due care and compassion.


    NANRITAM, in an effort to provide timely medical intervention and prevent needless blindness, launched an eye-care programme in 2006 from a mud hut based in Para block of Purulia. Today, the humble 6 bedded eye-care initiative has taken the shape of a 100 bedded Tertiary level, Referral eye-care Super-Specialty Hospital. Read more about our JOURNEY here.


    • Registration Certificate
    • 12A Certificate
    • 80G Certificate
    • FCRA Certificate

    Annual Reports

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    Lokeswarananda Eye Foundation Annual Report 2016-17
    Lokeswarananda Eye Foundation Annual Report 2017-18

    Performance Reports

    Lokeswarananda Eye Foundation Performance Report 2013-14
    Lokeswarananda Eye Foundation Performance Report 2014-15
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    Our Programs


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    Annual Reports
    Annual Report 2012-13 Read/Download
    Annual Report 2013-14 Read/Download
    Annual Report 2014-15 Read/Download
    Annual Report 2015-16 Read/Download
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    Performance Reports

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    Nai roshni

    Ophthalmic Assistant training for girls, Supported by NTPC


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    Refraction and clinical diagnosis

    >>  Auto Refractometer

    >>  All tonometers (ST, NCT, AT, Rebound Tonometer) 

    >>  Slit-lamps

    >>  Direct & Indirect Ophthalmoscopes

    >>  Gonio & 90D Lens

     Used for Refraction and clinical diagnosis of eye diseases. )

    Cataract Clinic

    >>  Biometry and Keratometry  
          (Used for  Corneal curvature measurement) 

    >>  Cataract Surgery with IOL Implantation

    >> Phaco Surgery with Foldable Lens

    >> YAG Laser Capsulotomy   

    (Used for  After cataract i.e.  PCO removal)

    Squint & Amblyopia Clinic

    >> Synoptophore 

    (Used for Orthoptics exercise)

    Squint Surgery

    Medical Retinal Services

    >> Ultra Sonography- B-Scan 

         (Used  for studying eye ball & orbit )

    >> Retinal Angiography (DFA) 

         (Used  for studying Retinal vascular  disorders)

    >> Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) 

         (Used  for  Glaucoma & retina)

    >> Diabetic Retinopathy Clinic

    >> Hypertensive Retinopathy Clinic

    >> ARMD Clinic

    >> Retinal Green Laser 
         (Used  for diabetic & other retinopathies & retinal breaks)

    >> Non-mydriatic Fundus Camera
        (Used for Fundus Photography)

    >> Anti VEGF Injection 
        (Used  to decrease Retinal/Macular edema )

    Surgical Retinal Services

    >> Retinal Detachment Surgery  ( Scleral Buckle/Vitrectory)

    >> Retinal Detachment Surgery ( giant retinal tears)

    >> Macular hole surgery

    >> Vitrectomy for Diabetic  & Hypertensive Retinopathy

    >> Trauma Related Retinal Surgeries

    >> Scleral Fixation IOL
    Glaucoma Clinic & Surgery

    >> Glaucoma Screening
    >> Tonometry for all (Intraocular pressure measurement)
    >> Pachymetry (Central corneal thickness measurement)

    >> Automated Perimetry (AP)
        (Used for Glaucoma Management)
    >> Frequency Double Tomography (FDT) 
        (Used  for Glaucoma screening)
    >> Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
        (Used  for early Glaucoma detection)

    >> YAG Laser 
         (Used  for Glaucoma prevention)

    >> Glaucoma Surgery


    Hospital Building

    Hospital front view

    Hospital Main Entrance


    Patient's Waiting Hall




    Patient's dining hall





    Dr. Asis Chattopadhyay

    Dr. Debanath Chattopadhyay

    Dr. Prasanta Chakraborty

    Dr. Indranath Prasad

    Dr. Sourav Sinha

    Dr. Rupak Kanti Biswas

    Dr. Surendra Prakash

    Dr. Vaibhav Shrivastava

    Dr. Arkaprava Ghosh

    Dr. Ujjal Kanti Chowdhury

    Dr. Suparna Sinha

    Dr. Tushar Kanti Ghosh


    Contact Details


    LOKESWARANANDA EYE FOUNDATION, Purulia, West Bengal, India, India


    For general enquiries

    [email protected]

    +91 - 7602131010, 83350 45424